Sunday, April 29, 2012

Game on!

Back after a hiatus - teaching duties and computer issues (now resolved - whew!)

The Republican primaries were over for all intensive purposes with the twin departures of Santorum and Newt during April.  Romney tipped the momentum with his must-win in Michigan on February 28. Super-Tuesday placed him in the driver's seat (the one point victory in OH was crucial) and he essentially sealed the nomination with convincing wins in Illinois and Wisconsin.  Now we turn to the Main Event...

Issues to watch in the upcoming months - each of these will be subject to in-depth analysis in the upcoming weeks and months:
  • The GOP Vice Presidential Pick - should Mitt play it safe or be unconventional?
  • President Obama's reelection strategy.
  • Ditto for Romney's case against Obama.
  • Polling data and trends, they will become more meaningful as we get closer the the Main Event.
  • Electoral College analysis - there are 13 to 15 swing states in play.
  • National Senate and House campaigns, can the Democrats take the House back?  Do the Republicans pick up the Senate?  Or does divided government continue in Congress?  The stakes are very high.
    • I also will be looking deeply at the Brown-Warren Senate race here in Massachusetts along with any competitive local House races (6th District on the North Shore for starters).
Going to be quite an interesting and wild 191 days until November 6, 2012!


The Prof

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