Saturday, January 14, 2012

NH post mortem

I did pretty darn well!!

                       Prediction        Actual

Romney             38%                  39%
Paul                   24%                  23%
Huntsman          17%                  17%
Newt                 10%                    9%
Santorum           10%                    9%
Perry                    1%                   1%

Decent win for Romney, even with his late gaffes and Bain Capital being raised as a campaign issue.  Paul held his own and is looking for influence at the GOP convention.  Newt and Sant are looking for a much-need breakthrough in SC a week from today.  Perry is on life support...

Romney did well among almost all voters except for younger voters who went to Paul.  Ironically conservative and tea party self identifiers still gave more votes to Mitt who continues to benefit from a split field.
More on the impending South Carolina Primary in a few days.  Newt is going nuclear simply because he has to in order to have any viability.  Super-Pacs galore...


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